In her field of theoretical and application so many researches has been done that are briefly discussed in this section.

They demonstrated the efficiency and high performance of substation automation and optimization method. The short idea of SCADA-based substation automation was presented in. Finally, the paper presents some applications of the technique made by the author in the real world. The basics of sub-station automation and the techniques and problems related to it were presented in John McDonald, Substation automation Basics. This journal shows the features and hardware of GE Substation Automation System Solutions. In, BSES New Delhi ‘s Project Report, which presents the information regarding the requirement and efficiency of this system in this area. Royal Institute of Material Automation Systems Technology Nicholas Honeth. The SCADA is a device that allows remote monitoring, management, control, operation and acquisition of the transmission, distribution and distribution elements, equipment and in realtime mode from a remote site for analysis and planning by a control center. In this brochure you can see how the ABB substation Automation Systems are built and configured.

In the first part of the paper Tom Wilson summed up the main concepts used for PLC & SCADA sub-station automation by providing examples and case-studies for selecting a Control System Integrator. The GETCO Annual Report on Technical T&D for Gujarat gov contains the detailed account for the overall substation of the Gujarat state and the age-sensitive list for substations and the manually operated and automated percentage of substation.

Raymond W. and others. In 2000, the use of the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) architecture was discussed in order to provide wireless access to the database operating on a SCADA distributed system of network protocols. They developed Distributed Network Protocol (DNP), which is currently connected through a local network area in the SCADA systems Terminals and RTUs. In a process plant the conditions are severe and the site remote. Data communication resources are difficult to obtain in the environment, and cellular communication via a wireless channel is practical and efficient. A wireless WAP device can access and operate resources available within a SCADA system via the mobile service within the DNP protocol.