SCADA Applications in Power System

SCADA system has been generally utilized in power system to perform several errands, for example, gather, investigate and watch the force system information adequately. Since, the system manages power age, transmission, dispersion, and sustainable power source divisions, checking and control are the primary viewpoints in every one of these territories. Consequently, the SCADA usage would improve a few variables related to the general productivity of the framework, by sparing expense and time. This can be accomplished by upgrading activity, misfortune minimization, directing, and controlling the age and transmission frameworks. SCADA work in the force framework arrange gives more noteworthy framework dependability and strength for coordinated matrix activity. The force framework computerization framework offers possibility based quick Load Shedding, Power Control, and SCADA usefulness for the electrical framework.
The SCADA application can be explained as recorded beneath:

• “Generation/Transmission/Distribution Monitoring and Control System”
• “Generation/Transmission/Distribution Integrated Control System”
• “Generation/Transmission/Distribution Protection and Control System”
• “Power Management System”
• “Switching management System”
• “Load Management System”

SCADA for Power Generating Stations

With the utilize PLC hardware and advanced communication links along with SCADA software and hardware in power generating stations, delivering an optimum solution for each and every operation with flexible and advanced control structures. Figure clarify the SCADA structure in power generation where it supervises several operations, such as protection, controlling and monitoring. The functions of SCADA in power generation include:”

• “Monitoring the Speed and Frequency in a continuously manner.”
• “Monitoring geographical of coal delivery and water treatment processes.”
• “Supervising the status of circuit breakers, protective relays and other safety related
• “The planning of generation operations.”
• “Active and reactive power control.”
• “Protection of turbine.”
• “Load scheduling.”
• Data processing of all generation related parameters.

SCADA for Power Distribution Syste

The management of distribution systems deal with the electric power from distribution substation to the various loads with the use of medium and low voltage cables and transmission lines. Several power distribution or utility companies depend on manual labor to carry out the tasks of distribution such as interrupting the power to loads, all the parameter hourly checking, fault diagnosis, etc. Figure shows the structure of SCADA in power distribution system where it collects the whole data.”

for automation systems: