Network Control Center automation

The Network Control Center (NCC) is responsible for the management and monitoring of the distribution system. The NCC usually has Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) due to its critical roles in the network delivery operation. Network Control Center may be located at a single central point or there can also be multiple NCCs responsible for a certain distribution network area or as NCC backup in the event of primary NCC disruption The Network Control Center concept may also include the mobile NCC where the network is carried out from a laptop operator ‘s device. The NCC ‘s principal tasks are:

•Fault management and reporting

•Maintenance management and management

•Planification and execution

•Planification of exchange

•Customer support and information.

In a major disruptive scenario, the importance of the NCC is stressed. There are more and more mistakes to deal with and the number of customers resupplies well-oriented and efficient procedures. The electrical safety of maintenance staff working on site is also responsible for the network control center. Consequently, the operator of the network control center must confirm all switching actions in the medium-voltage network.