SCADA Functional Unit and Configuration

There are several equipment that performs the previous functions and as seen below:

  1. Equipment of data collection.
  2. Equipment of data transmission.
  3. Terminal remote unit.
  4. Loggers of data.
  5. Equipment of data presentation.

The least complex SCADA design cab be seen in Figure with utilizing a single PC where the computer gets information from RTUs through the correspondence interface. Administrators control base at least one CRT (Cathode-ray tube) for show. As a result, it is conceivable to perform control orders and solicitation the showcase of information in alphanumerical configurations masterminded by land area and of types. The programming input/yield is utilized for adjusting the programming supervisory. In the fundamental SCADA frame-work, all the projects and the information is put away in the principle memory. The more refined rendition of the SCADA has extra assistant recollections as attractive plate units.