SCADA Functions

There several functions for the SCADA system which will be listed as follows below:

  1. Information acquisition: -Furnishes status data and measured information to administrator
  2. Control: – Allows the administrator to control the gadgets for example circuit breakers, Xmer, tap changer and so forth from a remote unified area.
  3. Information processing: – Includes information quality and trustworthiness check, limit check, simple worth handling and so forth.
  4. Labeling: – Operator distinguishes a particular gadget and subjects to explicit working limitations to keep from unapproved activity
  5. Cautions: – Alerts the administrator of spontaneous occasions and bothersome working situations in the request their seriousness and being critical.
  6. Logging: – which means Logs all administrator passages, cautions and the selected sections.
  7. Trending: – Inclining Plots estimations on chose scale to give data on the patterns for example one moment, one hour and so on .
  8. Authentic reporting: – To spare and break down the recorded information for detailing, commonly for a time of at least 2 years and to file.

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