Wi-Fi Motion Activated LED Stair Lightning


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It is a smart home device that illuminates your step-by-step steps as you climb the stairs. With the help of its sensors, it detects which step someone is on when climbing the stairs and illuminates the steps with strip LEDs for him. LED stair lights not only reduce the chance of accidents but also add value to your space. Moreover, the system is protected against earthquake, fire, etc. By using it together with your security systems, you can keep the lighting of your stairs on automatically in case of danger and you can use it safely in moments of panic. You will add comfort, safety, savings and visuality to your stairs with many more features in this system, where you will determine all your settings yourself.

wifi telefon kontrollü adım takip sistemi

It is used by connecting led strips and 12 volt adapter to the terminal outputs on the smart ladder card. Step tracking system card and two motion sensors are included in the product. Power supply and led strip are not included. You can contact us via the live support line or by writing a comment to get information about the full system to which the power supply and led strips are connected, or to order. When choosing a power source, it is necessary to consider the number of stair steps. You can contact here

The above prices only include the control card and 2 motion sensors.

You can get free technical support by phone for the installation of the step tracking ladder system.


* Opening speed between steps (100 -1000 ms)

* Cooldown (0-60 sec)

* Closing speed between steps (10 -5000 ms)

* Sensor distance vision adjustment (3-350 cm)

* 2 different time settings work

* Landing order selection

* Landing step distance

* Digit brightness adjustment

* Technical support

Smart Stair led lights

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